Leadership Style

My leadership style is based upon the principle that I am my team’s best “early adopter”. In essence, I buy in to my team’s ideas and innovation early, allowing them to flourish, and sometimes, to fail. My goal is always to provide the team with a balance of autonomy and alignment: giving them the power to make decisions, while keeping them moving in the proper strategic direction.

This approach focuses on garnering and building upon two-way trust. My team trusts me, and I trust my team. I firmly believe that this simple approach, along with setting expectations upfront, is fundamental to building high performing teams.

My Team Trusts Me

I will not ask my team to do what I would not do myself. I am very much a hands-on leader. I take pride in being in the trenches with my team. If the team needs something, I am first to try to provide it. I stand beside and fight for my team. I am their advocate in front of the company, and their buffer between excess “noise” that distracts and prevents them from being successful.

I Trust My Team

I trust my team to do what I hired them to do. I understand that delegation not only benefits me, but it benefits the team. I expect my team to grow, and to encourage them to do so, I give them ownership and autonomy.

I Set Expectations

In order to be successful, team members must know what goals they are aiming for, and they must know how to measure when they have met those goals. Expectations are set and metrics for measuring success are identified upfront, leaving no room for confusion. This is not a one-way process. The team is very much involved in setting the standard for their own performance.

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