Relentless pursuer of excellence. Insatiable student of leadership. Passionate solver of problems.

I am a Chicago native who traded in his snow shovel and long winters for flip flops and year ‘round grilling. I firmly believe in doing everything with excellence. I refuse to live in mediocrity. My high work ethic will not let me do anything half way. I love to work. i describe myself as a relentless pursuer of excellence, an insatiable student of leadership, and a passionate solver of problems.


If you are “living the dream,” then you woke up too soon! There is always more to gain, more to learn, more to experience, more room to grow. Never stop dreaming.

I started in web design in 2001, creating personal websites on just about every free hosting provider I could get my hands on (remember Geocities, Angel Fire, Homestead, Excite, etc). In 2003 I decided I had sufficiently honed my skills to offer my services as a freelance multimedia designer. I dabbled in video and audio production, but focused mostly on graphic and web design. I was fortunate to have enough clients to help pay for my first two years of college. That’s where I underwent the transformation from designer to developer, focusing more on server side programming over front end design.

I spent several productive years in higher education where I learned how to interact, on a professional level, with administrators, educators, deans, board members, and presidents. My experience in higher education allowed me to learn what it takes to work “outside the curly braces.”

My desire is always to be the one employee you can’t do without. If you had to start over, I want to be the first one you would hire.

Today my focus is on growing as a strategic leader. I am passionate about motivating people and implementing processes and procedures that help them to be successful. I take pride in being solutions-oriented. I understand that my value as a leader is directly related to the problems I solve for my team and my employer.