In addition to being a part of multiple entrepreneurial and charitable endeavors with my wife, I am currently working on the following projects:


I started the Enterprise Ready Software as a Service (ERSaaS) project to provide a working definition for what it means to build a SaaS application that is fit to serve the needs of the enterprise market.

Outside the Curly Braces

This is a program I am developing to guide software developers in building soft skills that they can employ once they find themselves moving beyond their career as a programmer (i.e. moving outside the curly braces). It’s based on the experience of my own journey, and information I gleaned from renown authors in leadership, business and technology.

“Power I” Leadership Methodology

This is a leadership methodology and management style that I developed and implemented within my own teams. It, so far, has been successful, which has prompted me to further develop and document it. More details and website coming soon!

The Leadership Journey: Introduction to Inspiration

This is a five-step model for growth in leadership that I developed by reverse-engineering my past journey and examining my future aspirations. You can read a little more about it. More details and website coming soon!